Monday @ The Museum by Ali Kazanowski


5 means of communication

Map – a map communicates where locations are and how to get to them. Maps were created in 6th century B.C. and are still used to this day. It may seem obvious, but think about how often we use maps; thanks to the latest and greatest GPS, for most of us it is almost daily. Today I used this map to navigate around the National Museum of Scotland


Music– Music is my favorite form of communication. It has the rare power of being one of the only things to instantly change your mood. Music can communicate anything from upbeat love stories to heartfelt breakup songs. It keeps our world connected by reminding everyone that we all share the same feelings.


Fashion- While walking through the museum today I noticed this eskimo outfit. Fashion really interests me because what your wearing says a lot about the mood you are in or the type of person you are. I find it really cool that some of the eskimo style has been passed down and it now worn and admired all the time.


Digital Screens- As we all know, digital technology is taking over the world. I found these interactive touch screens to be interesting for two reasons. 1. my mom owns a company that sells/installs these in major retailers, so I am very familiar with them. 2. They are everywhere. When I ask my mom why we find them everywhere now, she said simply “they communicate directly with the consumer.”


Cases– I find these interesting because they only engage one of our senses, but yet they are effective in communicating. These were all over the museum, we also find them at many retailers.


As an advertising student, I see these all being effective means of not just communication but advertising. In advertising it is extremely important to engage as many of the consumers senses as possible. The National Museum of Scotland  did a really good job with that, they had a lot of interactivity throughout the displays that made them very interesting, especially the animal exhibit.

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