Scotty Says what Scotty Does by My Ha


People see things differently, they can choose to see through whichever lens they want. But, have you ever focused on looking through one ones? As an advertising student, I also have to look at things with an advertising perspective. 

I did just that at the National Museum of Scotland. Every angle I look, I see multiple ways of communications through advertising. Many people think advertising is simply trying to sell something, but it is much more than that. Advertising is about communicating back and forth to the mass audience and informing them about the product. It could be as simple as informing people where to go.  

  If you start to notice the subtleties advertising provides to people, you start to appreciate that it exists. For example, signs are directions for first-comers. They communicate where to go and how to get from point A to pont B.

 If you look at an artwork from another country, it communicates to you the perspective of that culture. 

When you look at an old species of the same animal, you can compare it to the evolved species of that animal. Adaptation is also a form of communicating to others. 
You can also learn through hands on experience and create your own artwork to share to others. This is a form of mass communication. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Once the product is perfectly executed, word of mouth generates its own hype. 


 Clothing also represents the culture and show a form of art through expressing who the person is. 

If you ever go to a museum, start to notice things through an advertising point of view, and you will see that everything is there for a specific reason. It is not random, it is selected for a purpose, as is everything in life. 

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