A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place — By Sydney Ouwinga



So who knew (other than people who live in the UK) that there is a different BBC for each country? Not I! As it turns out, there most certainly is, and the one in Glasgow, Scotland is huge and broadcasts some shows in Gaelic!

IMG_2074Basically, we went to BBC Scotland today, and the most exciting part by farIMG_2067 was going inside of the news studio. It was all set up for the news to be broadcasted, and we were able to take pictures in the chair to pretend like we were news anchors. Obviously, I got one. Why wouldn’t I? After we all finished getting our pictures, they asked if anyone had ever wanted to be a weather person, to which Madison replied with a solid affirmative. They gave her the clicker, put the weather on the screen behind her, and let her give us a full weather report, which was incredibly nice of them.

In fact, BBC Scotland was an incredibly gracious host. We were never stared at like crazy college students the way we typically are on our visits, they allowed us to see basically anything apart from the room from which we would be capable of shutting down all of BBC Scotland’s broadcast, and they gave us tea!IMG_2063

I also really appreciated the information about the building we were in. It made it seem a little less like a bow full of offices, partly because we were informed that there were no offices. They have desks and everything, but no offices to help everyone work together. Also, the central part of the building (seen below) is lined with a material that prevents echoing and is rigged with lights so they can use the area as a sort of studio. As it turns out, doing that is 1/3 of the cost of doing something like and interview from a regular studio.


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