Adapt to Change – By Taylor Bruske



Our adventure today took us the the BBC headquarters of Scotland, located in Glasgow. It took us about an hour train ride and the wait was well worth it. The city immediately immersed me in its beauty and historical buildings. The heart of the city still has it’s rustic historical feel. As we taxied across the River Clyde everything started to get more modern, including the BBC.


Once we arrived we met with Ian Small who gave us a background on the BBC and everything they have their hands in. I was not surprised but amazed by all of the things they do to give back to the community since they are publicly funded. It is something Ian referred to as “beyond broadcasting” and entails participating in charity auctions and putting money back into the economy. Many of the ways they do this are simply using other services like an outside security company, outside reception and renting their current location instead of buying.


The innovation of technology is rapidly changing the TV industry and the BBC is prepared to change dramatically to adapt. It is apparent how the future is internet TV. Our society is spoiled in providing people what they want when they want it and nothing is different for delivery of media. My generation is lucky enough to grow up in a time where these options are relatively new and learning the age of the Internet as it progresses. This is the most critical concept I took away from our visit today because in the real world when I start my career this is what I will be working towards a solution. I will be responsible to continue business as usual and convert it to a platform that reaches the mass audiences.


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