Adventures in Glasgow – by Jessica Kilmer


Today was a crazy day. From missing cabs to wrong trains we weren’t short on adventure in Glasgow. We received a private tour of BBC Scotland today, and two hours just wasn’t enough time to see everything!

Ian Small, head of public policy and corporate affairs at BBC Scotland, gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio and provided us with insightful information about the BBC. Ian informed the group that the future of broadcasting is more than just broadcasting itself and technology. The future is about your competitors and how they evolve. He believes that the BBC’s big competitors in the future will be Apple, Google, Amazon, and Netflix because they now offer a variety of things to watch without a television. The future of broadcasting could definitely be all online, which affects us as mass media students.

The inside of the BBC in Glasgow is beautiful. The main atrium was glowing with the light coming in from the ceiling windows. The building was built specifically for broadcasting purposes. Every inch of the studio can be used to broadcast at any time of the day. The design of the building is amazing! Groups of people were talking around the atrium, but barely a whisper could be heard due to the meticulous design.

We have heard about the BBC or “The Beeb” countless times through the last three weeks, so it was great to see it in person. The buzz around the office and the passion of the employees made me really excited for the future!


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