BBC in Scotland — By Yuanjie Jin


Still can’t believe that I actually had a chance to get inside of the BBC to figure out what they do and how they work. If I said the tour in ITV was more about enjoying the fascination of TV broadcast program, the tour in BBC Scotland would be more about experiencing the actual TV broadcast work’s environment and spirit.


The first thing that impressed me was the design idea of building inside.


The first picture is about the stair way that go through every floor. Not like a lot of building that put the stair way for emergency exit, BBC building really gave a huge space for stair way. Every floor’s stair way have some tables and chairs for people to relax or have a meeting, it was delightful when I was walking on the stair way. Also, they put the sign to encourage people to use stair way more than elevators, which I believe is really friendly and showing love care for their employee.



Then we had a chance to get inside of the News studio and the biggest studio in this building. Mr. Sharon Cannon explained everything in those rooms, about how those machine work and why we need those. It just so hard to believe that everything we saw on TV everyday needs so much effort and so expensive to build all those equipment to support for every single day.

The most impressive thing that Mr. Cannon said was that BBC’s competitors are not only other TV broadcast company, you need to think widely especially when technologies advanced so rapidly; so your competitors should also include like Amazon, Netflix…… All those things that might frequently used by your potential audiences. I think this is really smart prospective in nowadays, you always need to act before others and better than others to success; and that’s what BBC is constantly doing, keep focusing on the future and do better.

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