BBC Scotland – by Alex Woody



Today we went to Glasgow and visited BBC Scotland. While there, we took a tour of the building and learned about how they work in the news departments and on their studio set, one of which is the biggest in Scotland. As a media and information major, it was cool to learn how BBC Scotland works, and how it is not necessarily exclusive to BBC, letting other stations and production companies rent out their studios.


The building itself is a spectacle in its own. Designed solely for BBC, the building itself is actually only rented by the station. They have a deal where they can choose to rent more land in the future or just completely move to another area. This was done as a way to work around the ever-changing industry. Should something happen and the need for television broadcasting is no longer needed at a large scale, BBC could move somewhere else and find somewhere that better accommodates. This is not a practice that I have ever really seen before, with buildings trying very hard to establish a permanent headquarters in the states, it’s interesting how BBC Scotland has somewhat of a ‘nomad’ attitude about what the future holds for their headquarters.


As a whole, my day in Glasgow was pretty successful. It was a nice change of pace from Edinburgh, and I’m very glad I got to visit BBC Scotland because it will really make an impact on the way I look at television now, because now I’ve gotten to see more hands on work behind the scenes and how things are run.

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