BBC Scotland – By Andrea Gothard


Today we went to BBC Scotland and met with Ian Small. He gave us a tour of the building and studios and spoke with us about his work. Something I found very interesting today was, that Ian told us when he went of for his job interview he was asked to write an essay about the future of broadcasting. He talked about how he wrote about the future in technology and competitors and how the world is evolving. This really got me thinking. I thought to myself what is the future of packaging, what are the new technologies in store, who are the competitors and what do the consumers need.


If I had to answer this question from a packaging stand point I would say that the future technology of packaging will be a battle between sustainability and the environment verses convenience for the consumer. Once the technology is created to accomplish both of those ideals it will begin a new era of packaging.


Another thing that Ian said to us at the end of his speech was that one of the most important talents to have is imagination. This was so interesting to me because he went on to explain that a company could have all the parts, tools and whistles to create something amazing but they need something to create, fore that is the most important part of it all. In the world of broadcasting and in packaging you need to have a wild imagination to be able to keep developing more and more new ideas.


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