Bright lights and the Big City by Erin Steinberg


Today, we got to see a different part of Scotland. We traveled to Glasgow for the day, which is actually a really nice city and I really enjoyed it. Apparently it is bigger than Edinburgh even though Edinburgh is the capital!


The majority of the day was spent at the main headquarters of BBC Scotland, which was so insanely incredible. We learned a bit about the history of BBC Scotland first. It started out as a five person operation and now there are about 1200 people working at it all over Scotland, most of them (about 800) located in the main headquarters that we visited today. They moved to the building they are currently in in 2007, and the mid-section is built on Scottish red sandstone, which we also found out the Statue of Liberty is also built on.

IMG_2271After learning a bit about BBC Scotland, we got to tour the building, and I was pretty much in awe the whole time. The building is set up so strategically. For example, they have all the news people (the radio news, TV news, etc.) all by each other so they can collaborate much easier. Also, no one in the whole building has an office, not even the director. This is also for much easier collaboration and socialization.

IMG_2277We all got to see a newsroom studio and be a newscaster for a minute, which was so exciting, and they even let one of us try to be a weather forecaster!




I think my favorite part of the tour, however, was the behind the scenes. They called it “The Gallery”, and it’s where all the magic happens, pretty much. There was an audio room (which we did not get to go into because there were people working, but we could still see in it, and it honestly made me so excited). I thought a fun fact was that everything in the room was digital except the clocks, and an old cathode ray tube that the director uses to make sure the lighting in the shots is completely accurate.

Overall, today was a wonderful learning experience. I honestly cannot believe the opportunities I have been getting on this trip. I am so eternally grateful. And thank you to the people at BBC Scotland, especially Ian Small, for showing us around and letting us see how the show is run!

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