Glasgow by Emalie Parsons


image (43)

Today we saw more of Scotland, the magical country with it’s rolling landscape and picturesque castles. However, as our train screeched into the Glasgow station and we saw our first Pret of Scotland, we realized that Glasgow reminded us more of London than Edinburgh. With it’s wall to wall restaurants, outdoor bars, shopping streets, and tourist boutiques we saw a new, more developed side of the upper UK.

Following the trend of it’s counterpart, Glasgow also has it’s own BBC location that we had the privilege of visiting. Walking up to the shiny building, we were unaware that we were approaching one of the largest studies to be constructed. Unlike most broadcasting buildings, the BBC is not only rented, but the facility itself was designed to function as one large studio if need be. The space can be described as one large open space, winged on all sides by cubicle areas, completed with several flights of stairs that lead to the five levels of the building. With broadcast-ready lights framing the entire ceiling, and the building constructed of soundproof cement, it is easily transformable.

Although I am not going into broadcast journalism, I could appreciate the clever architecture used to design the extremely successful studio. The entire project required careful thinking and planning, knowing that the media is a field that is always changing. It reminds me how flexible I must also be in my work, as the internet and various communication tools are in constant evolution as technology explodes. Overall, I learned that flexibility and imagination are strong tools in the media world.

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