Holy GlasCOW by My Ha


Day trips equals life. I can do day trips every week. I love visiting new places, but miss the comfort of my own home, so day trips makes for perfect getaways.

Next stop, Glasgow, the “Detroit with a Scottish accent.” Our study abroad fam went to Glasgow because we got to visit BBC Scotland. The speaker, Ian Small, gave us a tour of the company. It was a new perspective from iTV or Google because he talked about the architecture of the company and told us about the importance of it. I didn’t have a clue that broadcasting had to sync with the architecture or else it wouldn’t be effective. I’m glad he gave us the 411, because the logistics is the most important part that is easily overlooked by others.

The achitecture created by David Chipperfield.
Equipment hanging in the studio.

I am starting to notice advertising all around me. I am more aware of the structure, the placement and location of each advertisement. For example, there are lots of banners on poles that advertise museums or upcoming festival and events because there are a lot of pedestrians walking by and it’s the best way to spread awareness. Also, ads in stores or places where similar products are being sold are effective. If the theme fits, the ad works.

Advertisements all around us.

I am starting to love other ethnic foods. I get to try different cultural foods every day and I can differentiate between Greek and Italian food. I have always grouped those two as “American food,” but because the UK is so diverse, the difference is easier to notice. I am more aware of the different accents and cultures around me, where as in the USA, I grouped it into one category. The reason being is because everyone is mixed over in America, but over here, you feel more aware.

Greek cuisine.

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