“Imagination is the currency of media” or something like that By Matt Miller


Today we visited the Scottish branch of the British Broadcasting Center. The studio was obviously very interesting and getting a tour was a incredible experience. However, it was on the way out that I heard something that really struck me. When one classmate asked what skills are needed to help procure a future, the man who gave us our tour responded that the most important element is imagination. This really stood out to me as a journalist. I’m often told that curiosity is an important element for journalists and that’s really easy to see why. Being able to look at the world around you in a unique and skeptical way is a fundamental skill for any journalist. However, I never thought that imagination would play an role in my profession. To be honest, I’m still very skeptical of this. I can see where the man was coming. Journalism is more than simply presenting honest, unbiased facts, if nobody reads your publication then all your work is almost in vain. Imagination is in a way needed to present information in a readable and enjoyable fashion, but there is defiantly a limit. One of the most common critiques of journalist is that we are bias and unreliable. Having an imagination is extremely important as a human being, but when you’re trying to display that truth to a massive audience that trust and depend on you, it can really be a hindrance if not keep in check. I’m not saying that everyone has a Steven Glass hidden underneath them, but imitation must be tempered by skepticism.


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