The Importance of the BBC by Lauren Captain


Today in Scotland happened to be our second day of class here and also our second time for a studio tour. This time our studio tour was at the BBC Scotland with Ian Small.

First Ian talked us through about the importance of the BBC and what goes inside the seven year old building in Glasgow. This is where the Scotland headquarters were.  

 After Ian talked to is, I finally got the sense that the BBC was similar to an ABC in America, but only bigger. They hold television shows, documentaries, interviews and the news inside that one building. It’s amazing.
Inside the BBC building held one of the biggest studios in the United Kingdom. This studio has some of the most high tech equipment in the United Kingdom as well. I noticed on the ceiling there were over 150 big lights that hung, and I knew this because each one of these lights were numbered off one through however many there were. They transformed this studio from talk shows to regular television shows aired on BBC. 
Speaking of the high tech equipment inside the studio we saw, Ian said in maybe thirty years all that equipment may not be needed as sufficiently as it is now. He never imagined what broadcasting would be like today from maybe fifteen to thirty years ago. He said it’s always evolving and changing. When he first started off years ago he said he had to compose an essay for an hour and a half through on a type writer! 

Another amazing part of the BBC is that everyone in the United Kingdom who wants to watch it has to pay, but these funds do not go directly to the BBC. They are technically a non-profit organization. This is way different back in America; if you want to have your cable through Comcast or whatever provider you may use, you pay them and not the broadcasting network. We are not in contact through with the broadcasting company, we are given a selection of channels to watch depending on our package.  



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