The openness of a studio! ๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽถ by Raquel Izzo



Today we went to the BBC of Scotland in Glasgow and got the chance to talk to Ian Small who is the head of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs at the BBC. It was really interesting to see the one in Scotland because we have heard things about the one in London. We never visited inside the building but we went there on our scavenger hunt and took selfies with it! I noticed that at least from the outside they are both different


We came in and got our nametags and then before we went in to tour the building there was a piano in the front that anyone would play on and so I went and worked a little piano magic. Then this guy came up to one of the girls in my group and gave her a flyer that had a bunch of really cool pianos all over the city that you can play on. It was actually really cool to see all of the different pianos! Plus i loved playing a little Beauty and the Beast ๐Ÿ™‚


Ian was telling us that the building was built in a way where it could be easily excisable. They wanted something that was all in the same building so that when it got cold and the weather was bad they would not have to run between buildings. He was also saying that the walls of the building make it so there is no echo so that they can just broadcast live from essentially anywhere in the building. Everything was really open so that people could be engaging. There is an area so every field, but no actual offices so that people can communicate be together more to form better relationships


Ian took as all around form the very top floor where they have the cafeteria and a little terrace for people to eat out on and they also have live cameras on 24/7 to record what is happening so they can use that footage as a background on the news that day. After that he took us to some editing rooms and one of the smaller news rooms where we got to take our pictures on the desk looking all professional! Then finally he took us to their big Studio A where they have had many shows being filmed both live and recorded. He was saying that there were many things that hang from the ceiling. It was holding around 128 different lights and things.




Being an Advertising Major it was interesting how much time and thought went into making the building what it is. They had many different architects form all over try to get the job. After that I am sure there were many different advertisements for the building and what it had to offer. Just the fact that it is so open and easy for people to get around and communicate with each other on projects is a selling point on itโ€™s own! I really enjoyed today. Im looking forward to what tomorrow will bring!ย ๐Ÿ˜Š

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