“This train is going to Aberdeen, not Edinburgh”-Kathleen Alexander


Today was an adventure for many reasons. Not only did my group and I catch the wrong train, going the opposite direction of home, at the end of the day. (Don’t worry, we made it home after a few games of eye spy and would you rather) But we got to explore a whole new city, and step inside one of the biggest television studios in the UK.

We started our day off right in Glasgow with some afternoon tea. Afternoon tea for me was accompanied by a chicken avocado sandwich and a scone, of course. After we were caffeined up we headed to the headquarters for BBC Scotland.

There, we learned everything from how BBC operated in the past, how they’ve overcome the obstacles of the digital age, and even the details behind the design of their new modern building, designed especially for broadcasting.

Having learned a lot about the BBC, and meeting multiple employees of the BBC throughout our time here, it’s clear that everyone within the company has a real passion for what they do. Across all of the dimensions of communication we’ve explored thus far in the UK, a reoccurring theme in advice from the people that have ‘made it’ is to have passion for the work you do, and to keep your imagination sharp. The BBC recognizes these traits as valuable assets to have in their work environment, and it shows through in their work.

We were even able to tour the newsroom, and a fellow classmate was to ran through a weather forecast. Learning about “the gallery” where the directors and producers sit to review or fix the lighting and sound for their program is hands on learning we never get in the classroom. It’s exciting to take a step into the professional world, and get a look behind the scenes, literally.

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