Tuesday in Glasglow by Ali Kazanowski


7:00 am– Hit the alarm and contemplate going back to sleep

8:30 am– Get breakfast at the cafeteria, fill my cup to the brim with coffee and try to mutter out a few words while waking up to be polite

9:30 am– Grab yet another coffee, hop on the train and chat all the way to Glasglow while admiring the view

10:30 am– Arrive in Glasglow, realize its a beautiful town that is the perfect mix between other big cities. Shop around for a bit and grab tea and a quick bite to eat

2:30 pm – Pull up to a beautiful building, BBC, walk in an take an incredible tour from Ian Small. Admire the structure of the building and the thought they put into it. Get a tour of everything from the outdoor terrace to Scotlands largest set. Take pictures on BBC’s version of a morning show set and pretend like were famous for a quick second. Admire the set up of the company, question how it got started and the incredible success of it. Fall in love with BBC.

5:00 pm– Grab dinner at Pizza express with Sue and a few others. Talk about her latest adventure, her hike up the alps. Discuss mountain climbing, extreme sports and memorize her quote “You have got to find something you think you can’t do, and go out and do it”  put that internally in my brain bank for when I need a little motivation

6:30 pm– Arrive at the train station to head back home, stop at the convenience store to pick up candy and hop on the train to Edinburgh

7:00 pm– Realize we missed the train to Edinburgh and that we are on the wrong train

7:15 pm– Hop off the train to wherever the heck it was going

7:45 pm– Get back on the train, check 5 times to make sure we are on the right train and laugh the whole way home

8:30 pm– Arrive in Edinburgh


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