When Three Letters Spell Out Your Dream – By Danielle Duggan


Today I lived every journalist’s dream and had the opportunity to tour one of the world’s largest sources of news, the Scottish BBC. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to ask myself multiple times throughout the day if I was dreaming.


Ian Small, BBC’s head of public policy and corporate affairs, was our tour guide for the day and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better or more inspiring. When I asked him what two things someone hoping to go into the industry should improve on, his answer was passion and imagination. He explained that this field is constantly changing and it now requires only those who are young, bright, creative, and put their entire hearts into it.


Another answer he gave me that struck me was when I asked if the BBC was partial to choosing employees that were from Scotland. He told me that no, they hire people from all over the world, and their only qualification is that they have to be the best. I was mind blown and again realized what incredible talent I was standing in the same building as. To work for a cooperation with that high of a standard is something that I can only work hard and aspire to someday do.

The last thing he told me that will probably forever stick with me, was his response to me studying journalism. He looked at me with a giant smile and said, “There’s a life out there and it’s a good one, so go for it.” That response gave me chills. So often you hear that there are no longer any jobs for journalists and that the profession will no longer be needed in a few years. To hear his encouragement was more than I could ever ask for. Yes, maybe the road to get to that job will be difficult (Heck, it WILL be difficult), but as soon as you get there it will all be so worth it.

So BBC, thank you. I’ll see you again in a few years when I’m walking through your doors not as an MSU student, but as an employee.


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