Cemetery Creepin’ – by Alex Woody



J.K. Rowling wrote her famous Harry Potter series here in Scotland. Walking around, it’s amazing to think the only author to ever become a billionaire writing got her ideas from Edinburgh. From coffee shops that label themselves as ‘the birthplace of Harry Potter’ to cemeteries bearing similar names to some of the famous Harry Potter characters, one can easily begin to notice where J.K. Rowling got some of her inspirations from.


I found walking through the cemetery very cool, it’s not something I commonly do, and even less commonly I walk through a cemetery and search for names. After finding ‘Tom Riddle’ (the inspiration for Lord Voldemort) we went to The Elephant House, a place where J.K. Rowling would find herself writing most of the Harry Potter series because it gave her a nice break from her reality and gave her the comfort to write. I really connected to this because I like to go places whenever I need to focus too, and while my focusing isn’t necessarily creative writing, I still try to incorporate things I see or do in my day, just as J.K. Rowling did in her novels.


After class was over today, I took the time to do some exploring and shopping. The city of Edinburgh has a lot to offer, and it’s been a really comforting time to spend here. I found the story of Greyfriars Bobby to be very heartwarming. To think that a dog would sit by its masters grave until its death is absolutely heartbreaking, but additionally very heartwarming because it’s small stories like this that add to the culture of the environment.

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