Grave Robbing by Emalie Parsons


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Grave robbing, as I have come to find out, does not require lanterns or even a shovel. No, the task can be done using only your eyesight and your curiosity, which I learned from J.K. Rowling. Regardless of her true occupation, today I learned more about the accomplished author.

J.K. Rowling wrote her renowned Harry Potter series in the coffee shops of Edinburgh, Scotland. These included the Elephant House that was adorned with miniature glass elephants, and the Spoon with it’s quaint tables and vases filled with wild flowers. Much to my amazement, astonishment, and approval she found inspiration in not only the city around her, but the cemetery as well. Characters like Tom Riddle (Riddell) and Professor Moody (Moodie) both borrowed their names from deceased individuals now buried in the Greyfriars Cemetery in Scotland. Walking through the old cemetery with its gaudy tombstones, I was only impressed by J.K’s method of imagining her characters.

image (45)

Imagination is a necessity in mass media as ideas are the catalysts to something great. Whether ideas are inspired by old cities, stories, or pieces of art they hold a rich background and endless possibilities. Oftentimes people don’t take the time to sit and allow their thoughts to arrange themselves into something cohesive, something beautiful. Today I learned from the highly acclaimed author as she took the time to sit down, and simply let herself think.

You wonder about ambition and dreams and try to imagine how you’ll ever get there. You ask questions desperately seeking an answer. You try so hard to figure your life out, and yet the answer is always there among your jumbled priorities.

Stop and take a few moments every day for yourself, reflect on who and where you are. You may achieve greatness.

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