Harry Potter and Horses (The little stuff) By Matt Miller


Mass communication is often looked at on a mass scale, which in many ways makes sense. However, a ton of smaller communication and other things go into communication, including background, culture, familiarity and physical ability to communicate.

One small thing I learned today was that J.K Rowling was inspired by the world around her. Everything from her the grave of Thomas Riddell to the coffee house she wrote at went into her story. Today I saw many of the places that shaped a novel that shaped my childhood. I’ve never know these places before, but I found myself with the rest of the group in awe, simply because they were a part of the Harry Potter novels.

One of the things that always stood out to me in the Harry Potter series was that the first book has two different names. What is called “The philosopher’s stone” in the United Kingdom was called “The sorcerers stone” in the United States. I’ve always wondered why that was.

Horseback riding in Scotland was also an adventure in Mass communication. Mainly because riding a horse requires communication, and communicating with a horse that doesn’t speak English is tough. Having not ridden in several years made it difficult to get back in the saddle. This was because I didn’t the proper technique to communicate with my horse.

Finally communicating with the rest of the group on the trail wasn’t easy either. Since we were all in a straight line, we had to yell at each other from behind our own backs. This lead to a telephone like game that lead to hopefully everyone knowing when we were going to make the horses move faster.

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