Imagination and Inspiration- By Taylor Bruske



Each of us were given an assignment this week to research some basic knowledge and background information on the amazing author J.K. Rowling. She has done incredible things beyond the Harry Potter series through generous donations and her public participation. The journey she has had in her lifetime to get to where she is now from where she started is inspiring.


Today we started our tour of her hangout spots in Edinburgh at the Greyfriars cementary, where she went to find inspiration and character names so they would be more realistic. It was so old and beautiful walking through I was swept away, wondering the story behind each gravestone.


The Elephant House is credited to be the coffee shop where majority of the books came to life, the “Birthplace” of Harry Potter. It was cute, quant, cozy and just what you would expect.IMG_6585


We stopped to get tea at Spoon next, J.K. Rowling’s other hangout spot. It was cute, quant, and cozy, like the first cafe which just proves that imagination is everywhere. We just need to tap into our imagination, stop and think. Our daily lives are hectic and busy so we find our days flying by. It is so important to make sure we don’t fall in routines and miss out on opportunities or putting thought into a little thought that pops into our head during the day. Technology is pushing us further and further away from having this time each day to sit and think. It is our job as we go into the work force to encourage imagination and inspiration since we are in the business of communication. We need to utilize it.


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