Inspiration — By Sydney Ouwinga


Coincidence is one of the most powerful things in the universe. Science cannot account for it, it cannot be controlled, and it typically births greatness. Then again, perhaps coincidence is just another word for fate. Whatever it was, it caused J.K. Rowling, an unremarkable woman at the time, to sit in her seat within a train thatIMG_2082 had been delayed four hours and glance out her window to see a young boy who just happened to be walking by — a young boy with dark hair and large, circular glasses. With that one glance, Harry Potter was born. Many years IMG_2087and $15 billion later, we visited the sights that meant so much to that creation and the world around it.

Just a little ways down the road from a pub and statue for a dog known as Greyfriars Bobby, is a little cafe where J.K. would sit, dreaming up a new world and putting it to paper. Unfortunately, you cannot be seated without buying something first, but we were able to stand outside and take in what had happened there. From the IMG_2086windows, J.K. had spotted a very prestigious school, the inspiration for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a graveyard where she would walk to look upon the tombstones IMG_2085for name inspiration for the characters that had begun to fill her mind.  We also walked through that same graveyard, and found a grave marked for someone by the name of Thomas Riddell, the inspiration for Lord Voldemort’s counterpart, Tom Riddle.


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