Inspiration is Everywhere- By Andrea Gothard


Today was an amazing day from start to finish. I woke up and went for a run and hike around and through Arthur’s seat. Then we all went down town Edinburgh to visit some of J.K Rowlings inspirational writing places. We then finished the day with an unbelievable hour of horseback riding through the Scotland country side.


The focus of the day was that imagination and inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. J.K Rowling found the inspiration for Harry Potter in several places such as a cemetery and a coffee shop in Edinburgh. The thought of Harry Potter himself and the series popped into her mind while sitting on a train for four hours. This just proves that you imagination can be sparked at any moment and you have to be ready for it at anytime. The biggest thing though I believe is that you have to allow yourself to become inspired and allowed your imagination to run wild.
Now a days social media and technology has taken over our minds and in some ways turned off our imagination. It is important sometimes to take a step back from life and just relax. I was so happy that we had talked about this in the morning because today when I was horseback riding I was able to clear my mind and focus on the beauty around me. Unfortunately no billion dollar story popped into my head but, it was good practice.

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