Let Your Mind Wonder by Sydney Horlacher


After researching a few of the basics on the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, our group was off to explore the town that gave her the inspiration to write the genius stories! Edinburgh is where she lived as a single mother, raising her daughter and spilling out her creative ideas onto paper in nearby coffee shops. We were able to stop by 2 of the coffee shops she did most of her writing in for the series. The first was called The Elephant House, a quant coffee and tea shop that was located next to George Heriots School. This was a prestigious private school and it was the inspiration for Hogwarts. We also visited Greyfriars Kirkyard, a cemetery that backs up to the school. J.K. Rowling would walk around the cemetery and look at the names on the tombstones for character inspirations. This was so cool because when we walked around, we were able to find the real life Tom Riddell’s grave! Last stop was another one of her favorite coffee shops, called Spoon. We went as a group to enjoy some coffee and stare out the windows hoping to find the same bit of inspiration that was once sparked there. If i learned anything today, it was to never be afraid to give yourself time to just let your imagination take over. Without that 4 hour train delay to London, where she initially thought of the series idea, J.K. Rowling may have never been given so much time to disconnect from the world around her long enough to create her masterpiece. I also learned that inspiration is surrounding us and it’s important to be in touch with these things that make our minds wonder.

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