Letting my mind wonder😊😍📚📝🐶🐴 🐎☀️by Raquel Izzo


Today we had an adventure that started with yes talking about Jo, or others know her better as J.K Rowling herself! Being in her home town of Edinburgh, Scotland it is only appropriate that we talk about her and learn a little bit more. Two days ago we were given a question that we needed to research and tell to everyone. So this morning we gathered to all give our answers.

My question was: Name the places where she wrote in public. My answer was that she had two places. One was named The Elephant House and the other was called Spoon café bistro. At the Elephant House they have a sign in the front window that reads “Birthplace of Harry Potter” she said in an interview with Opera that she was so poor she thought it would be cheaper to buy coffee than to pay a heating bill so she sat up on the 3rd floor of the coffee shop with her type writer and wrote the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. It was so cool to see and go inside of a place that was her creative get away.
11407225_954070634645108_5374592717544758259_n 11407067_954071341311704_1253794774790682235_n

If you look out the back window of The Elephant House you can see a cemetery and George Heriot’s School which is a private school in Edinburgh, it has four house and four towers, people think that is where she got the inspiration for Hogwarts. The cemetery is where she got inspiration for the characters names in the book. She would walk up and down and look at the names of people. We got a chance to visit the cemetery and find at least one of the names that she took. Tom Riddle for Voldemort, along with that she took Elizabeth Moodie, for Mad-Eye Moody, and William McGonagall for Professor McGonagall. It was really moving actually to be able to walk through the cemetery that she walked through thinking up this amazing story.


When we were coming out of the cemetery we saw the bar Greyfriars Bobby with the Stature of Bobby (the dog out side) the story is that he belonged to John Gray and when he died he was buried in that same graveyard, Greyfriars Kirk and Bobby became known all over town because he spent the rest of his life sitting on his masters greave until he himself died 14 years later. Supposedly if you rub his nose it is good luck!

11429924_954071581311680_8222307950913097755_n IMG_8968

After that we went to the other café that J.K wrote her famous books! It is called Spoons Café Bistro. We walked in and got a cup of tea, since it was so hot out today I opted for some ice tea but either way it was still delicious! Inside it was so quaint and cozy, I could see why she liked writing in there. It looked like the setting was right out of a free people magazine. It felt very empowering to sit where she sat.

My amazing iced tea with oranges!
The other cafe where J.K Rowling let her mind wonder!

Being in the cafés that she spent many hours, days and months in, walking through the cemetery that she did, it made me feel like I can do anything. She had no idea that her book would take off like it did. She made many publishing companies turn her down until one finally believed in her. All of her hard work, dedication, imagination, and magic really paid off. The moral of today was to never give up and to always believe in yourself because you never know when you could be the next big thing out there.

Ending the day with an amazing horseback ride at Lasswade Riding Center through he countryside of Scotland was honestly the perfect end to a great day! Frankie and I had a great ride walking, trotting, and going through water!

Me and my girl Franke! we were a great team 🙂

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