Stop and appreciate by Ali Kazanowski


List of things we did today:

  1. Went to a grave yard
  2. Went to two coffee shops
  3. Went horseback riding

Another eventful day in Edinburgh, and probably my favorite so far. The theme of the day was J.K Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter series and phenomenon.  To my surprise, J.K Rowling lives in Edinburgh and she wrote her books here…

Which takes us to our first stop, the Elephant Cafe. We learned today that this tiny hole in the wall coffee shop is the birthplace of Harry Potter. If it wasn’t for the sign that basically screamed in your face “BIRTHPLACE OF HARRY POTTER” You would never know…

Our next stop was yes, you guessed it, the graveyard. At the graveyard we searched and searched for  the inspiration of Dumbledores name, found on a tombstone in Grey Friars cemetery. It was really interesting how she got the name for him because the tombstone was all the way in the back corner and his name Thomas Riddell was not prominently written on it.Being in the cemetery was eerie, but also very beautiful. It was easy to see how she found inspiration in a place that had such amazing detail.

We stopped to grab a quick coffee at Spoon and chatted about how inspiration is everywhere. These days almost everyone is consumed in technology and everything it has to offer. We have become numb to experiences and have stopped appreciating the details in life simply to get more likes, followers and comments that mean utterly nothing. Today was a perfect day to stop and smell the roses and by roses I mean fresh cup of coffee and horses. J.K. Rowling is truly an inspiration. I say this not only because of her rise from poverty but because of her will to imagine.

Oh yea… horseback riding was fun to0. It was a sunny day, nobody got hurt and the scenery was beautiful. What more could a girl ask for?

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