stories are always part of you and your life — By Yuanjie Jin


Before I finished the pre-assignment for today, I could never know that there are so many things happened to J.K. Rowling’s life that became a part of Harry Potter. King’s Cross Station was the place that her parents first meet, suffering from her mother’s death became a part of the Harry’s experience in the fiction, even the name Tom Riddle was inspired by one of the gravestone in Edinburgh…… I believe that every great writers will connect their personal life with the fiction, so did J.K. Rowling. the most exciting thing today was that we actually have the chance to see some places that inspired her when during the time she was writing Harry Potter.


the most impressive one for me might be the coffee house that she usually stayed and wrote Harry Potter, named the Elephant House. Their was a rumor about why she wrote the Harry potter in here, she was so poor that could not even afford the heat bills in here flat, so she went to the coffee house to find comfort. However, She rejected this rumor few year ago, said that the only reason she stayed at the Elephant House was that her baby could easily fall sleep in there. Anyway, it felt really good when you finally can see where Harry Potter was written.


When I was reading Harry Potter, I always can found some thing that make me feel happy and touched, no matter I read it on 12 or 20. What I want to say is that great story always from what you actually experienced, and if the feeling when you were experiencing can be written on the story, people will feel the same thing as you.

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