They May Take Our Cable, But They’ll Never Take Our Freedom!: by Nicole Jakubik


The BBC is an organization that almost puts any American network to shame. For one, it’s property and realm of a major market covers a smaller area of geography, but still manages to be the top television company in the United Kingdom. Secondly, almost every live television show that Americans have was formatted off of a BBC show. Who would’ve guess that the grip engineer for the British version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire would have actually become a millionaire just because of his lighting design being sold to other formats? Third, the BBC’s distribution lineup is sold to others countries. While NBC and CBS may try to sell their network to other countries, it would mostly be on an online format. The BBC is successfully syndicated throughout other countries.


What happens though, if one of the branches of the company needs to break off because of a new government? This is the issue that BBC Scotland is facing. After moving from their prior facilities to build and lease a new headquarters, things were looking great for BBC Scotland. They had studios that they could work more collaboratively in, they could welcome the community into being more involved, and they could continue to create great content for the network.

For years, Scotland has been arguing over whether or not it would be wise to break off from the United Kingdom. In the past election, 55% of the vote decided that it would stay under the United Kingdom  . Recently, it doesn’t look like it may stay that way for long.


If Scotland breaks apart from the United Kingdom, BBC Scotland loses it’s name. It could still operate in partnership with the British network, but the legalities of all the content it produces would become far more costly. Instead of creating content solely for the company, they would have to sell the content to BBC. Things would cost more and content would probably be lost. Rent for the building would also change, would BBC have to have it’s own contract for the studios separate from the one that already exists? Most likely. Resources would undoubtedly be stretched a little more thin.

Politics are a very tricky field to navigate. The upcoming election for Scotland will definitely cause a lot of debate and spark a lot of conversations. For now though, I think BBC Scotland is comfortable enough with living under the Queen.


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