A Goodbye Letter to Scotland – By Danielle Duggan


Though it seems like we just stepped into the gorgeous, green land of Scotland, our last day has already arrived. Tomorrow we step back onto the train, heading back to London, but not without thanking Scotland for the memories and giving it a proper goodbye.

After being in such breath-taking countries for the past few weeks, I thought it would be difficult for beautiful scenery to leave me speechless. I thought that at this point in the trip, landscapes would become ordinary, regardless of how extraordinarily beautiful they were. Scotland, thank you so much for proving me wrong.


Though the downtown area of Edinburgh is wonderful to walk through, there is no doubt that the beauty and charm of this town come from the areas beyond that. Throughout my time in Scotland, I’ve climbed the dormant volcano, Arthur’s Seat, three different times and never gotten tired of staring out over the edge at the incredible view.


Today was my third hike, and while laying out, enjoying the sun mid-way up the side, I had a second to examine the city for an extra long period of time. Almost all of the downtown areas that I’ve been able to explore this trip look decently similar. Tall buildings, busy people, and the same kind of chain stores line almost every city area. The things that set these cities apart from one another is the nature on the outskirts of the town.

It’s difficult to find many cities that haven’t modernized and changed their cities according to what’s popular and new, but one can still find the old charm of a town if they venture outside of the coffee shops and vintage stores. Taking a hike, horseback riding through the countryside, or even strolling around the endless fields will give you a better sense and appreciation for the city than any establishment ever could.


So thank you Scotland for sharing your incredible views with me. You’ve given me so many moments that will be very difficult to forget.


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