Are video games in need of a re-haul? – by Alex Woody

Photo credit: Nintendo
Photo credit: Nintendo

Video games are something I grew up playing. From American McGee’s Alice to Kingdom Hearts, I always grew up with a game in my hands. Seeing it from a media/marketing perspective, I do I agree with Phil Harris’s assertion that the video game industry does not quite know how to market their products. With a rapid decline in video game marketing spawning from micropayments (paying for virtual goods or time within a game with real currency), it’s a wonder why some consumers still even bother playing the games they’ve grown so fondly with.

Photo credit: Electronic Arts
Photo credit: Electronic Arts

Games like The Sims, which offer a platform where the first installment of the game is incomplete (requiring substantially priced ‘expansion packs’ to make the game up to date and complete), are just taking the fun out of what video games should be. When Harris talked to our group about his personal thoughts about the industry, I definitely saw a similar pattern in the games that I grew up playing. The idea that the industry has ‘stars in their eyes’ and aims way too high, causing outrageous budgets for games with lukewarm acclaim, is clearly evident in companies like Electronic Arts, whose recent reliance on their FIFA and Sims franchises is starting to lose them serious money.

Photo Credit: Electronic Arts
Photo Credit: Electronic Arts

While I still enjoy video games just as the next person, I believe the industry is in desperate need of a new renaissance period, where the marketing aspect is brought to the future and companies pay closer attention to their audiences needs rather than the money they want to receive.

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