Dear Scotland by: Ali Kazanowski


Dear Scotland,

You and me need to talk. First I need to say thank you for the 70 degree weather today, I truly appreciate the sunshine and the clear blue skies. You would be delighted to know that to celebrate this beautiful weather, we hiked up the summit of Arthur’s Seat and had a nice picnic with yummy food. We sang, danced and played music to celebrate the day and the time we have spent here.

Within a matter of seven days, you have taught me so many things Scotland. I now know to always bring a raincoat, wear good walking shoes and keep in mind that Americans are not favored in this country. Having  a windy day here is as common as seeing sheep. Every restaurant will serve Hagass (I didn’t dare order it)    and you can find a pulled pork sandwich on every corner.

I learned that kilts are not man skirts and bagpipes are the music of choice here. I learned to stock up on allergy medicine and Nero vanilla coffee. I learned that you are home to one of the most beautiful golf courses, green rolling hills and one of the worlds most famous authors.

I learned that there is inspiration everywhere, and dreams become real when you are forced to slow down. They can be begin in a coffee shop, on a train or any where you pursue them. You have taught me to face me fears and take every opportunity even if it scares you.

Thank you for everything Scotland, I really enjoyed my time with you. I hope to see you very soon.


Ali Kazanowski

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