Gaming and Social Media – by Madison Stapels


Today we met with Phil Harris, who works in the games industry here in Scotland.  He started off his talk with a history of video games, and how Atari was the pioneer in early video games, however, they knew they were the best so they took advantage and put out a series of low quality games which essentially ruined the industry at the time.


The games industry has flourished in the UK, but they do not understand the business side of things, so oftentimes their studios go under and big American companies buy them out and take over.


Something that Phil said that I think is an important thing to take with me moving forward that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of is that research is essential in any field that you go into.  Knowing what you are talking about when talking to clients or other businesses and knowing the right things to say and the right questions to ask is key.  He mentioned that if you mess up once it could lead to disastrous things for your career with social media being a driving force in things not being forgotten.


His main point with the relationship between social media and the gaming industry was that the gaming industry is scared to tweet about itself and promote itself through social media channels.  Not only are they scared of it, but they don’t necessarily know how to do it properly, nor do they know how to market and advertise their products through their social media channels.  I thought this was interesting because it is an area that can be greatly developed in the future, and could be an emerging market for someone like me who is really interested in social media marketing and advertising.

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