Goodbye Scotland – By Taylor Bruske



My morning started very early this morning as I prepared to leave for Amsterdam, Netherlands after our class. I tediously tucked and rolled each piece of clothing to strategically fit everything into a tote and backpack. As I walked to breakfast I realized this was my first day in Scotland and torn about it – I am excited to travel to a new country and return to London after but I will miss the scenery here tremendously. Our countless train rides have been one of my favorite times here. It gives me peaceful time to think and watch the rolling hills in the country side fly by.

Our last day in Edinburgh consisted of a guest speaker the OR strategy director, Phil Harris. He wears many hats though including narrative director and journalist. Mostly our topic of discussion was on the game industry and how dramatically it is changing, even in the past 5 years.


The mobile aspect of the game industry is huge and fast growing. It is the perfect opportunity for advertisers to utilize. The only way that small companies survive in the industry is through good publicity and promotion so using this platform to reach a specific market could be mutually beneficial. The advertiser can target their message directly to the audience and the game makers can offer the game for free or very cheap because of advertisers. If a game company is small and new it will be hard to charge consumers for a new product that no one has heard of.

Success in the game industry is all about emotional engagement and this applies to all aspects of communication.

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