History in today — By Yuanjie Jin


I went to the Edinburgh Castle yesterday, which is one of the most significant symbol in both Scotland and Edinburgh. This Castle was built in 12th century, and the unbelievable fact is that this castle are still using and occupied by present army today. I was so impressed by the long history of this castle, but more impressed that they actually kept the whole castle completely and made it be functional for nowadays.


comparing to the castle in Cardiff that we saw previously, this one has a way broader dimension. Through the old time map of Edinburgh, you can see how important this place was for the defense purpose. The castle located at the highest point in Edinburgh for protecting royal family. Therefore, if you stand inside of the castle, you will easily to see the whole city’s view, just like the old day, but for the different purpose.


Now the castle become a great place for tourism business. To let public understand more about the castle, they also made some parts of the castle become museums. In those museums, you will see the treasures from royal family and the history of the army in here, from 12th century to world war II.


After 9 centuries, Scottish must be so proud that their history can be recorded so well like this. People always trying to learn or feel something from the old man, it’s not only about improving themselves in some way, but also, most importantly,  find the belongingness through the process so that can understand themselves deeper.

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