Insight on the Gaming World by Lauren Captain


Our last day in Edinburgh called for Phil Harris presenting to us. Phil’s occupations is a video game narrator and journalist. Essentially Phil gets to play video games for his job and also write the stories that show up before you play them. 
As a journalist, I had no idea an occupation like this existed, but then again, once you have a degree you carve your pathway after it. 
Even though I do not play video games myself, what Phil had to say to us was really interesting and did show the sides of mass media through games. Phil can receive lots of criticism on games he writes and reviews through different forms of social media, and especially Twitter. He told us that over 5 billion tweets are sent a day: crazy. Even crazier that I am a part of that statistic.. As most people in the room were too. What he said about reviving criticism is that you can not answer it otherwise the criticism will basically be a ring of fire. This is the negative side of social media that I know myself, as a journalist, I will have to deal with. 

Any types of video games, or just games, send a message to the audience that is playing them. When I think about that, it usually is an underlying message or something we don’t usually think about. So whatever that message is, it’s coming from your own mind without even thinking about it. With a message comes that emotional connection in that game; that’s the reason we continue to play. We like feeling in power of the game and will continue to play until we hold that power or win.

Phil gave me a new perspective on video games, something I don’t usually do. 
My last big adventure in Scotland was horseback riding, another thing I don’t usually do but actually love doing. I believe that horses are some of the most loyal animals and it’s unbelievable to be able to sit on top of a horse and just ride. We took an hour trail and rode for maybe a mile. We went through rivers, open plains, small trails and even ran with the horse. I want to horse back ride again sometime soon, and own my horse in the future. This was the best 20 pounds I’ve spent so far. 




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