Mass Multimedia in Game Design by My Ha


This morning, Phil Harris, a narrative designer, gave a lecture on mass multimedia game design. He gave us a few example of what the game industry failed to advance in today’s society. However, he stressed the importance of the game industry because it is a vital part of today’s society. 

He stressed the importance of research, which is vital in all of mass media careers. Game design is not any different. He said that research helps make your game more interactive and gives it a “real life” feel when playing. 

He also stressed “agency,” which aims to create emotional engagement with the player of the game. He doesn’t think the game industry stressed agency enough and if they did start incorporating it into the business, it will help raise loyalty. 

In relevance to agency, he said, “Games is a massive multimedia thing because it integrates music, art and designers’ ideas into the product.” This means that without the work of other aspects of the media, there will not be a game that creates an emotional environment for the consumer.  

I thought his lecture was interesting because Phil gave a new perspective to the gaming industry. It also shows that mass media is contnuing to evolve and shape into different creative industries, and mass media will eventually take over.  

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