Oh, Scotland by Emalie Parsons


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Dear Scotland,

I bid my final farewell to you as I travel back to London tomorrow morning. For a full week you blessed me with your beauty and grace, and enchanted me with your incredible face.

I now know what Haggis with Neeps and Tatties are, thanks to you. I know to fear windy days and the importance of a rain jacket. I now know the rudeness of petting someone’s dog that is not yours, again my sincerest apologies. I know of your wonderful language, and your unfortunate hatred of Americans.

I will always remember your peaks and troughs, your birds and your rabbits, and your ever so friendly people. I will always remember your stories, your endless history, and the crumbling buildings that cover your countryside. I will always remember the wonderful people that have come from your boundaries: the authors and narrative journalists.

I will miss my sunlit runs through the mountains, overlooking the bay with it’s endless blue. I will miss your hearty meals and your Scottish beers and ciders. I will miss hiking old Arthur, the sleeping volcano that acts as a focal point for the city.

Oh my Scotland, you have won my heart truly. Though you may be rugged, though you may scratch me and challenge me, I will talk fondly of you and treasure the time we spent together. Rest easy, and continue to inspire artists with your charismatic charm.

I love you, I will miss you, and I will always remember you.

Your fond admirer,


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