Pure Bliss – by Jessica Kilmer


As soon as we arrived at the University of Edinburgh, the beauty was undeniable. A beautiful mountain, known as Arthur’s Seat, surrounds the campus. Every morning I wake up in awe of the beauty around me. The juxtaposition of the modern and historic buildings creates a unique atmosphere. When we finally climbed Arthur’s Seat, I realized that the beauty on the ground did not compare to the view from the top!

We have been talking about having a picnic on top of the mountain since the day we arrived in Edinburgh. On our last day, we finally decided to do it. The weather seemed to be in our favor as soon as we walked out the door. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky on this 73°F day! We filled our backpacks with food and began the journey to the top of Arthur’s Seat. About 45 minutes later we found the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the view. As we looked down at the city of Edinburgh, there were moments of pure bliss and times of uncontrollable laughter. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a great week in a beautiful city.

The last few days have had a common theme of appreciating the little things. I can see how J.K. Rowling and other famous writers found their inspiration here. Whether I am 800 ft. above the ground or walking down the streets, I cannot help but appreciate the beauty of Edinburgh. As Scotland comes to a close, I cannot express how grateful I am for the people that I have met and the experiences that I have had thus far!

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