Scottish communication By Matt Miller


Having spent the last few weeks in Scotland have been an eye-opening experience for me. There is such a difference between them, the English and the Welsh in terms of communication because of their various cultures and backgrounds. Having completed my trek through 3 of the 4 countries in the United Kingdom, I have a pretty good understanding of how people communicated and why.

The Welsh are the friendliest. Upon arriving in Wales, I was whisked through security without even having my passport stamped, the woman who cleared me even asked me what I was studying in a friendly manner. All across the country the Welsh seemed more than welcoming and more curious about us than we were about them.   Communication was easy even thought we were not really fully transition over into British culture.

In London we meet an entirely different crowd. More reserved, more used and (and sick of) Americans and much less welcoming. In no sense hostile, the English in London are like almost any big city population. They have a places to be and people to see, and they needed to be there 5 minutes ago. As opposed to Cardiff, people in London did not want to stop to help some foreign kids. However, this is were we learned to communicate. Within a few minutes of being in London, I could better understand the various British accents.

The Scottish are the Americans of the Births Isles, one of the first things I learned. They’re bolder, louder and less reserved than the English and Welsh. Like the English, some of them love Americans and some of them have had enough of us. Unlike the English, they’ll let you know. They’re never extremely rude, but they’re more than willing to share their opinion of you with their mates if they don’t fancy you. I actually really appreciate my understanding of British English being in Scotland, it’s made this part of the trip much more enjoyable.

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