The appreciation of gaming 🎮👾 by Raquel Izzo


I feel like sometimes if we have never done something we judge is as if it would not be fun or boring. Today we had a speaker by the name of Phil Harris who is a strategy director for OR and has been apart of the gaming industry for 7 years, and he has also been apart of the journalism world writing different articles. Phil talked to us about all of the many different and important things that go into making a video game. Phil mentioned that for most of the western culture part of the world it has more women playing video games then men. He told us the first ever grand Theft Auto game was made in Dundi, Scotland.


He talked about many different names of Video game companies and one in particular was Atari, who broke the industry in 1981 because it came out with the video game E.T and it was ‘rubbish’.


He mentioned that he took over for writing a magazine column and made the reading pools go up tremendously, he said that he gives a lot of credit to his research! He says that research is everything, in everything you do but especially journalism. Getting your facts right always makes you stand out.

He said that making a video game is really looking at Communications and story telling in a whole different way. You are taking characters and making them do things like fly or sword fight or even kill people. You can really use your imagination when you are making or even playing a game.


He was telling us all that goes into making a video game, the actors, director, cinematographer, and producer. He also mentioned that usually a project takes about five years to finish. I never really realized that so much went into making a video game.


I guess I never really thought about playing video games as leaving reality. I’m not a huge gamer myself, I have played sports games with my brother and I have played Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Kingdom Hearts but I feel like the next time I play I will understand a little more of what goes into making the games!

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