Troll the Respawn, Jeremy!: by Nicole Jakubik


I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid. I remember the first one I sawZelda_Logo.svg was a flight simulator for a war game. After that, I moved onto playing the Legend of Zelda. From there, it was Call of Duty and Wii Sports. (photo from

All of these games tell a story. Whether it’s a story of soldiers and pilots or winning a tennis game on a tropical island, the best video games have stories to them. Some of my very favorite videogames growing up were the ones where I could learn different parts of lessons that I was working on in school, but they were set in underwater kingdoms or during medieval times. Now, these stories involve zombies or stealing cars. Video games take you to an interactive world that would not necessarily be possible in every day life. They allow you to be a whole new person for an hour, or what seems like ages.

Along with a good story, the best video games have the power to make you forget the whole concept of time itself. I’ve known people who will set up shop in a basement with their friends after a new game has come out, and they’ll stay that way fo1104r almost a whole day, go home and sleep, then go right back to it the second they get up. It’s a part of our culture to be obsessed with these games. (photo from

Phil Harris, a narrative designer  , told us all of the tips and tricks to making this happen. Not only are creating good stories and creating an environment for forgetting time a bonus in the industry, it’s the absolute goal. It’s people’s specific jobs to find ways to make sure this happens. And it’ll only continue to be this way. It doesn’t matter if its EA Games or a small independent company, video games are designed specifically to draw you in and keep hold of you in these magnificent universes.


(photo from

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