Warning: This Product May Be Addictive — By Sydney Ouwinga


If I’m being honest, I don’t actually know what Phil Harris‘s job is. He mentioned that he has written video game receives as well as written video games, so whatever his job title is, it has something to do with video games, which is good because he loves them. He was astronomically passionate about the subject, and offered a much deeper insight into the genre of mass media than most tend to go, and he actually spoke a lot about things that I figured were tangents, but actually tied back into the subject at hand.


I particularly liked the discussion about the Stanford Prison Experiment. I heard about it the first time in a IMG_2105psychology class I took in high school, but never heard about a follow it. The first went so badly that I cannotIMG_2106 believe someone actually thought it was a good idea to try again. Of course, that went horribly wrong too.

As someone with a double major that includes marketing, I really liked how much he talked about it. As it turns out, the video game industry is really bad at marketing. That actually makes a lot of sense. I’m exactly the age demographic they should be marketing toward, but I rarely see any advertisements for games coming out soon. I also appreciated the reference to the genius marketing of The Blaire Witch Project.


Also, he informed us that 5 billion tweets go out per day. Add 2 more billion and you’ve got the approximate population of Earth. That is exactly why I don’t tweet.

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