Life Alone in the City by Lauren Captain


It is a really interesting perspective being alone in the city and exploring by yourself. I had the chance to do this yesterday and today.   
I came home from Scotland a day early and without the rest of my group, just because I wanted to be back in London so bad.
Last night after arriving in London, I decided to walk around by myself and get dinner and an Italian resturant; I looked like an old widowed lady. I decided to go to Oxford Circus afterwards for shopping, a dessert and of course, people watching. Oxford Circus on Thursday nights are crazy because everything stays open later which results in mass amounts of people shopping. While doing that as well, I had an ice cream cone and sat on the corner and just viewed the city life of Londoners. I hope to be one of these people someday; a person being observed by a girl on study abroad so inspired to live in London someday. 

Today (Friday), I explored all parts of the city. Being able to understand the tube and the importance of its transportation really makes everything more efficient. I did the touristy things by myself and it was great. I went back to Selfridges to see the amazing shoe gallary it has then I traveled over to South Bank. The South Bank area is where Westminster Abbey through London Bridge area is. Lots of people, great eats, and street performers lie within. Being an observer once again, I grabbed a big coconut from the market and decided to sit on a corner and relax. The places I discovered today, specifically a strictly crepes little side shop, I’ll be going back to this week before I go home to America & I hate to think that.

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