Life is a climb, but the view is great! by Raquel Izzo (paper 3)


Scotland! What can I say, it has been a fast week. I have really enjoyed my time here from our first day going to the National Museum of Scotland, visiting and touring around BBC Scotland, hiking up to Author’ s Seat and seeing the most breathtaking views to going around, seeing all of the things that J.K Rowling did in her home town, horseback riding on the country side of Scotland, and getting to meet a gamer! All of these adventures have been memory makers.

While we were there we had the change to go to the Natural Museum of Scotland. I thought it was so amazing to see all of the things that Scotland had to offer. There was a section talking about clothing and it had Kilts in there. It made me think of the time when I was younger my dad was in a wedding and the groom made all of the groomsmen where Kilts. I thought it was funny to see my dad in a long skirt, but now knowing the history of it, it makes a little more since. Men wear them on special occasions and at the Highland games, but over the years it has become more acceptable to wear them casually.

Going around the Museum we saw many different animals. It felt like I was at a zoo for taxidermy or something like that. There were three floors full of different kinds of animals. They had small, large, colored, spikey, soft, alive, and some even extinct animals. They had stuffed animals and then they had bones of some and even fossils of some. It was so interesting to see all the different kinds of animals. Some I honestly have never even heard of before. When I walked in I noticed the giant giraffe! It was so big probably three times the size of me! Then out of the corner of my eye I saw I massive skeleton of a T-Rex and I got excited because it made me think about the movie Night at the Museum! After that I thought more about the movie and pictured this museum coming to life at night. If you looked around at the walls they had different heads of things like deer, elk, moose, and then I saw the head of a killer whale. I saw a great big peacock with beautiful feathers. Also they had many things hanging from the ceiling like alligators, seals, dolphins, and sharks.


After walking around for a little bit I was on the third floor when I came across this giant pictures with all of the extinct animals on it dating back to 1623-2010. It was really sad to think about all the animals that we do not have anymore. Many that I have never even known about being that I was born in 1994, there have only been five species extinct since I have been alive. That means that pretty much the whole board contain animals I have never known.


Being there and seeing all the different kinds of animas really made me think about me, and what I am doing. I think it is amazing what animals can do. Animals have been around forever and have been mans companion. The relationship we have with them is beautiful. The communication we have with them, and they have with each other is even cooler. I know at least for me and my dog bear, he can tell when I am sad or when I am happy. He is someone I can always count of to be there when I need someone to cry with or when I need kisses.

The communication that animals have with each other is amazing. Birds have different calls, dolphins and a call also, owls who, darks bark, and cats meow. But they know when someone is in trouble or when they are sad or hurt. They protect you with everything because they love you. They are also so smart! The different dog shows and whale/dolphin shows they have are incredible. Being able to have that relationship and communicate to animals that you will not hurt them is so beautiful.

Another time that animals came into play was when we went horseback riding on the country side at Lasswade Stables . It was so beautiful and it was amazing the connection that I had with my horse Frankie. First she was a dark chocolate brown with a little bit of red, just like me. She was big but just small enough, and her name was Frankie, which is the name of one of my closest cousins. It felt really nice to have a connection like that for an hour. The house did what I told it to do by the motions I was doing. The communication between me and Frankie was great! Sometimes she would try to eat the leaves off the trees or the flowers, but when she would do that I would just mover her head in the other direction and she would continue on her way. It was like for that hour Frankie and I were one. We moved together, she listened to me and I listened to her. We bonded so much we even posed the same for our picture!

Seeing how animals can interact in so many different atmospheres in amazing. Some live on land, in the sky, in the water, on the ground, and in trees! It is so cool to think about all that different animals do for us. From all the animals I saw in the museum, the wild life from Africa, the birds and spiders form the Rainforest, the animals that live right in your own back yard, and the ones all the way in the ocean! Then having that experience with Frankie, in an atmosphere with all different kinds of people, horses, and even cars on the road. I am sure having them in that atmosphere was not easy at first but the people have communicated that they are safe. My time in Scotland has reminded me about what i have learned and what i continue to learn about the different forms of communication. I am happy that it brought me back to some on my favorite animals!

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