The Importance of Never Forgetting – By Danielle Duggan


Today I had the opportunity to add to my collection of incredible photos and incredible experiences during our visit to Cambridge.

It wasn’t shocking that one of the world’s most famous universities was beautiful. Though the grounds were filled with gorgeous architecture, nothing could hold a candle to the beauty that was found within the walls of the chapel. It took 50 years to put together the stone carving and 20 years to put together the stained glass found in the building. These two unique forms of media were the two that we discussed while exploring the chapel, but the beautiful music that was being made by a small orchestra in the middle of the church was what I was most in awe of. The musicians made their playing look so effortless and the music they played added so much to my experience there. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the building so much more and everything seemed even grander and more peaceful than it was on its own.

After exploring the downtown area of Cambridge, we traveled to the Madingley American Cemetery Cambridge. This war memorial honored those who lost their lives or who went missing during World War II. It takes a lot for our chatty group to quiet down, but the magnitude of this place made us all go silent. Hearing the stories of those who risked their lives for not only their country, but also for each other, was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard. Having one of my best friends currently taking part in boot camp for the United States Marines, I had a special appreciation for all of those that were honored at this memorial. Walking through the lines of cross-shaped gravestones in the ground and picturing my goofy, but courageous and fearless friend helped me put everything that these fallen soldiers, and their families and friends, went through a little more into perspective.

Though this trip is full of laughs and lighthearted fun, a serious today like today was very much-needed to take a second, step back, and put everything in perspective. It was definitely a success.

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