I was standing where legends have stood by Raquel Izzo


Today was a day for the books. We got to go to Cambridge and experience some of the different colleges, one of them being Kings College! Going to Cambridge and Kings Collage has always been on my bucket list so to be able to go today was so great!

When we got there we went to the Kings College chapel. We got to go inside and explore around. The chapel was hue and every beautiful! Every wall had huge stain glass windows that covered most of the wall. The ceilings were very tall vaulted ceilings. The stone work on the entire chapel was incredible.

Mallory, our tour guide said that he wanted to teach us the importance of the stain glass work throughout the chapel. Each stained glass told a story from the Old and New Testament. My favor to one was the one of Jesus being born, and the other one was of him carrying his cross, being nailed to it, and hanging there. The work that went into that huge stain glass was incredible! It was so beautiful to look at it gave me goose bumps!

The communication of it was telling a story through glass. It was incredible to me that something so simple as stained glass could tell you bible stories and make it interesting because of the fact it was on stained glass!!

It really made me think about the different ways you can communicate with people. I guess I never really thought about glass telling a story back him my church has a really pretty stained glass in the back of the church and I thought to myself that next time I go I’m going to look at it more carefully to see what story it is telling me

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