A Day of Cambridge – by Alex Woody


In a time when poverty swept the nation and Cambridge had no printing press or real entertainment, people would go to churches and public spaces to tell stories through word of mouth. That is what we learned today when attending a walkthrough of the King’s College chapel, which was built in the early 1500s. The gorgeous biblical stained glass windows tell the story of the new and old testaments of the bible. I though this part of the tour was beautiful, while walking through I thought the music being rehearsed was absolutely beautiful. Although I did have some trouble understating the full extent of the tour standing in the back, I did manage to capture some great visuals in the church.

I found the Cambridge area beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Edinburgh, but Cambridge had more youth walking around because of the college and university in the area. We visited small shops, and I did manage to get my Cambridge University sweatshirt! Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I have tickets to see Phantom of the Opera tonight.

I wish we had time to visit the actual Cambridge University, but I had fun walking through the town of Cambridge. With only a few days left in this trip, I am trying to make the absolute most of it and do everything I possibly can to live the trip to its fullest. With only two things left on my London checklist, I think I’ll be able to go home saying I spent my time wisely and did not waste any time.

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