Courage, Competence, Honor, and Sacrifice by Erin Steinberg



Going to an American Cemetery and National Memorial today hit me a little bit. It was not long ago that we buried my grandpa in a National military cemetery, so being there made me think back and tear up a little bit, not going to lie. We visited the only American cemetery for World War II soldiers in the UK, which was pretty neat. I felt very proud of my country just standing within the depths of all of these people that fought for our freedom. And, to think, a lot of them were my age, or around my age, during their fight, and that is just scary to think about. I cannot imagine how these people felt at nineteen or twenty years old going into armed battle, but I can tell you one thing, and that is that they were very brave and I wish I had their courage.


Inside the memorial, they have a wall of the missing, which is the largest wall of the missing in the United Kingdom, and it was huge. There were so many names from the Army and Airforce and Navy, etc., that it kind of overwhelmed me. I cannot not imagine being part of those people’s families and not knowing what happened to my child, it would be devastating. But, the whole experience was eye-opening.


At the end, we watched them lower the American flag and some people helped to fold it, which also made me think of my grandpa and I, again, teared up a bit, because that is what they did at his memorial. Being there today honestly made me so proud to be an American. There honestly is not anything much better than our country and the opportunities and freedom that we have thanks to our armed forces. God Bless America.

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