Far From Home – By Andrea Gothard


Today we visited King’s College of Cambridge University and the World War Two American cemetery. Everything we saw today was so beautiful and moving. The chapel at Kings Cross was stunning. It was interesting to see the stain glass windows come to life through the stories of Christ. Also, our tour guide at the cemetery was wonderful and told us some amazing stories of American soldiers.

The most impactful part of the day for me was when our tour guide at the cemetery pointed out a quote on the walls of the War memorial chapel “Far from Home”. This quote was talking about the American soldiers that fought in the Second World War. This really touched me because it made me think how far from home I am right now. The United Kingdom has showed such hospitality to the American soldiers who fought and died in WWII and they have also showed us such hospitality while we have been here. So far on this trip I have never felt that far away from home because I have felt welcomed everywhere we have gone.

The WWII cemetery and memorial represents mass media because it communicates to the world the legacy of the war and every soldier who fought in it. England was nice enough to create a peaceful resting place for the fallen American soldiers so far away from home and now it is our job to learn about them and honor them. This memorial communicates to the world how impactful and tragic the war was. We need to remember our history so we don’t repeat it.

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