few hours in Cambridge — By Yuanjie Jin


One of the things that attracted me from this study abroad program is going to the Cambridge. I was so curious about everything in this one of the most famous college towns around the world.  All of my friends who went to the Cambridge before described how beautiful there was and nobody would regret to be there.

We first went to the King’s College chapel, it have already existed for more than 500 hundred years. It’s still functional for nowadays, and you can see how much time and effort have already been put on this place only depends on the decorations and all the other details around. My favorite might be the arts on the glass, there were tons of glass art in this chapel and every piece of it was amazing.

how was the feeling about walking around the Cambridge? It was relaxing and peaceful. Walking around the town, I saw a lot great coffee house, a lot great restaurant, interesting market. All of those things just made Cambridge more like a old-day-town, sometimes traditional can means more. The Punting business was really popular at there, mostly it was targeted on tourists. However, It was so interesting to see so much punts moving in the Cambridge, it can be called as an unique view in Cambridge. As I heard, a lot students who studied in Cambridge usually do a part time job as punting here.

In a limited time, I had some regrets in Cambridge, but it might be a good thing, to drive me back to here some day.

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